How do I sign up?

Step One

Create your online account by clicking here or by downloading the (free) Paw Partner App

Step Two

Ensure the correct paperwork has been uploaded to your Paw Partner Account:

  1. A photo of your dogs updated vaccination records 

  2. Sign Agreement in your Paw Partner Account

Step Three

Reserve a Temperament Test online via your newly created Paw Partner account

Step Four

Request a reservation anytime online via your Paw Partner account

How to reserve a temperament test
How to reserve a Temperament Test!
Watch the video
stroll through the
paw-by-paw guide
to learn how to schedule
your fur-kiddo's temperament test anytime online!

reserve a temperament Test online:

  1. Once you create your online account, please add your "Pets & Vaccines".
    - Click on "Pets and Vaccines"to add/edit your dog(s) to your online account.​
    - Next, upload a photo of your dog's updated vaccination records that include:
       1. Rabies
       2. DHPP
       3. Bordetella
       (Any dog 6+ months in age MUST be spayed/neutered)
  2. Sign the online Agreement:
    - Click on "Menu".
    - Click on "Your Account" from the "Menu".
    - Next, click the box that says: Agreements.
    - Finally, you will be prompted to read and sign the Buddy Boarding Release of Liability.

  3. Click "Reservations" to request a temperament test daycare day. 

4. Select "Buddy Boarding" as the business you would like to make a reservation with.

5. Select DAYCARE to continue reserving your dog's temperament test.

6. Click on your dog's name+photo.

Note: If you have more than one dog, please click all that will be included in this reservation.

7. Select: Daycare - Temperament Test to proceed.

8. Select the Reservation Date you would like to bring your dog(s) over for their temperament test.

9. Select a Drop Off Time and a Pick up Time.

10. "Do not repeat" this reservation as your dog's temperament test will only take place one time.

     Note: After your dog(s) passes their temperament test, please feel free to reserve recurring daycare this way.

11. On the next page, you will be prompted to select any (optional) add-on services you would like to add to your dog's reservation.

12. Next, you will be prompted to answer a few questions. 

     Note: If you have more than one dog, you will answer each question for each individual dog.

13. Finally, select "Submit Reservation".

     Note: Temperament Test's are free of charge. When you pick your dog up, a discount will be applied to zero out the total completely.

You will receive a confirmation of approval within 2 business days.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact us!

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