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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

8359 Batavia Road

Cincinnati, OH 45244

How do I sign up?

Click here to follow paw-by-paw instructions (or - watch a short video) to set up your online account and reserve your dog's (free) temperament test daycare day.

How do I schedule a reservation online?
Click here to follow paw-by-paw instructions (or - watch a short video) on creating reservations online.

“So – tell me about Buddy Boarding!”
Buddy Boarding Farm sits on 8-acres completely fenced in and offers dog boarding and dog daycare services. The dogs are out and about playing, roaming, and relaxing all day! BBF limits the number of dogs staying over so that each dog receives an abundance of love and attention – no socialization fees required. Love and attention are essential to a dog’s health and well-being and are therefore already included in the total. The only time the dogs are in their 6’x8’ rooms is when they are eating, 30-45 minutes after meal-time to ensure food has been properly digested, and when they are sleeping at night.

In a nutshell, BBF is like a giant, private, 8-acre dog park – where your dog can roam and play – mixed with a big comfy home to take naps (if needed), sleep, and eat. Truly any dog’s paradise.  

Where will my dog sleep?
Your dog will stay at the Buddy Boarding Farm House and Barn House (every building at Buddy Boarding Farm has heat and AC). Each fur kid will sleep in their own private 6’x8’ room (if you have more than one dog, they will all stay in the same room unless you request additional kennel space).
Rooms include: water bowls (always refreshed throughout the day), food bowls, and of course - lots of doggy treats. 
You are encouraged to bring your dog’s favorite bed, blankets, toys, treats, bones, etc. to make your fur kid’s stay as comfortable as possible!

I have more than one dog. Can they stay in the same room together?

Yes, if you have a small pack, they will stay in one space together unless another room is requested.

When and what will you feed my dog?
Most dogs that stay with us eat two times per day: once in the AM, once in the PM. Nevertheless, if your dog has special feeding instructions or perhaps needs to be fed more frequent smaller meals, let us know when you drop off so that we can feed your dog as instructed.
Owner must provide food upon arrival for dog.

Can I give you special treats and bones for my dog to enjoy?
Yes. If you would like to give your dog a special treat during the days he or she stays at the farm, please feel free to bring those items.


Is there heating and air conditioning?
Yes, of course! All indoor spaces are kept temperate for a pleasant stay.

Do you give medication?
Yes. If your dog needs medication while staying at the Buddy Boarding Farm, we will administer medication as directed at no additional charge.

When can I pick up/drop my dog off?
Monday - Friday: 7AM-10AM and 4PM-7PM
Saturday: 9AM-11AM and 3PM-5PM

Sunday: 2PM-4PM
Closed on all major Holidays

How do I sign the online Release of Liability?

1 - Login to your Paw Partner account; then click on "MENU" in the top right hand corner on your homepage.

2 - Next, click on "My Account".

3 - Once you are in your account settings, click on the button that says AGREEMENTS.

4 - This is where you will find the Release of Liability - and - where you can sign it.


What do I need to bring for boarding?
Your dog will need food and necessary medication (if any). You are more than welcome to bring whatever you think will make your pup most comfortable while staying with us. For example, bedding, blankets, toys, treats, etc. We always suggest bringing something that smells like home – however – it is not required by any means.

How many dogs do you take for daycare/boarding?

We can occupy 44 families of boarding dogs and 30 dogs total for daycare.

What vaccines do you require?

2. Bordetella
3. Rabies
*All dogs must be spayed/neutered if 6+months in age


How do I upload my dog's vaccination records online?

- First, login to - or create - your Paw Partner account.
- Click on "Pets and Vaccines"to add/edit your dog(s) to your online account.​
- Next, upload a photo of your dog's updated vaccination records that include:
   1. Rabies
   2. DHPP
   3. Bordetella
   (Any dog 6+ months in age MUST be spayed/neutered)

What do the dogs do if it’s raining/ really hot/cold?

It all depends on the dog! Some dogs enjoy running and playing in either the snow or rain. Whereas other pups prefer playing with their buddies inside. Every space at BBF is completely AC/Heated. We have plenty of indoor space for the dogs to hang out.

Is there someone looking over the dogs overnight?

There is someone that stays on site – however, not in the same building as the dogs. We have 24/7 cameras monitoring each dogs every move.

My pup is older / needs restricted activity; will they have to be kenneled all day?
Absolutely not! We have multiple play rooms and different sized outdoor spaces so that your dog can relax in the shade with buddies more their speed or even help the humans with some computer work! No matter your dog’s activity level – they will have a blast at BBF!

What do you do if there’s a dog fight?

Luckily with more space than an average kennel, interactive pack leaders monitoring all play, and with all dogs being temperament tested before staying, dog fights are a rarity at BBF. Nevertheless, dogs will be dogs and tiffs do happen here or there. When a dog fight happens, pack leaders remain calm and assertive while separating the dogs. Once separated, the dogs will be examined. If medical attention is required, owners will be called (and the dog will be taken to the vet if needed). Unfortunately, any dogs displaying aggressive or dominant behavior will be separated from the pack and will need to go home as soon as possible. Every dog and each situation are unique;  appropriate actions will be taken immediately and handled at BB pack leader discretion.


What will my dogs typical day look like at the farm?
Each day, you can expect your dog to be out and about playing all day long!
The only time your dog will be in their room is: 1. During feeding times, 2. 30-45 minutes after feeding time to let the kiddos tummies settle, 3. At night when the dogs are sleeping. 


Do you care for special needs dogs?
Yes. We love dogs of all sizes, shapes, and needs!

What is a temperament test?
A temperament test is an evaluation day to ensure your dog gets along with other dogs, is friendly towards our human pack leaders, and is not a flight risk (i.e. actively seeking to escape).  

Temperament tests are similar to daycare services. That is, owners drop their dog(s) off in the AM time block; pick up in the PM time block. Dogs will participate in group play sessions throughout their entire test day so that Buddy Boarding pack leaders can assess their behavior. 

How do I schedule a temperament test?
You can reserve a temperament test anytime online via your Paw Partner account.
To view step-by-step instructions, click here.


How are dogs introduced to one another during the Temperament Test?
Buddy Boarding Pack Leader’s slowly integrate your dog in to the pack. That is, your dog will not just join in on the current play group and hope for the best. Instead, your dog will meet and greet when the time feels appropriate. Some dogs adjust to a pack setting quickly, while others need a little extra time. We believe it is best to give each dog as much time as they need to feel safe and comfortable, which is why we limit the number of tests allowed each day.

Before your dog meets any other dog, an experienced handler will first assess your dog’s energy level. This is crucial for positive, happy introductions. If your dog is extremely high energy, handler’s may spend 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time running out some of that energy to ensure all dogs are cool, calm, and collected before meeting any other dogs.

Handler’s will then match your dog with another buddy with a similar energy level. While one handler has your dog on leash briskly walking the Buddy Boarding property – another handler will begin ‘following the pack’ with your dog’s matched buddy on leash forming a ‘pack’.

When introducing new dogs to one another, we believe the best thing to do is take a nice long, constructive pack walk to establish the rules and boundaries. The goal here is to get the dogs in a groove of moving forward and walking as a pack – becoming one unit. The dogs will continue their structured pack walk until there is a noticeable shift in behavior; moving from: “Oh my goodness! Another dog!” – to – a ‘follower state of mind’. Patience is key here.

When the two leashed dogs have shifted to a neutral energy level, they will be given an opportunity to greet. Handlers will assess the greeting, then decide if the time is right to add dogs (one-at-a-time) to the pack – or – if additional pack walking is needed to further establish rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Once all of the dogs have successfully shifted to a like-minded energy level, they will gain free-roam of the property. All dogs are closely monitored all day.

*Buddy Boarding reserves all rights to deny any dog for aggressive, destructive, and any unsafe behavior.  


*Space is limited for temperament testing. Only three per day.
*Temperament Tests are BY-APPOINTMENT-ONLY!*
No Temperament Tests held on Sundays or Major Holidays.


Can I bring my dog over for daycare so she can get used to your facility when she stays for a longer-term boarding stay?

Yes! We recommend and encourage you to bring your dog over for daycare before your dog stays the night/boarding. This will definitely help your dog get used to our facility and will give them an opportunity to meet and become friends with our crew.

Do you board cats?
No. We do not offer boarding for any other animals at this time.


Additional 25% surcharge on major Holidays for all services.

No discounts or coupons can be applied on holidays.

Buddy Boarding is CLOSED to the public on major holidays. 

No drop off/pick ups at BB Farm, No Temperament Tests, and No Taxi Services provided on major holidays.
Applies to:

1. New Year’s Day

2. Easter

3. Memorial Day

4. Independence Day

5. Labor Day

6. Thanksgiving Day

7. Christmas Eve

8. Christmas Day

9. New Year’s Eve

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