What's with the board?

Glad you asked!


Joring is a dog powered sport.  That is, your dog powers our board!




We have some really neat harnesses that give your dog the ability to pull our handlers. We just glide next to your dog on our boards, so they can run as far and as fast as they'd like! You don't have to do a thing - our experienced handlers will teach your dog how to run alongside the board like a pro!


We've been riding longboards with our dogs for years. Now, we'd like to offer your dog the same, fun adventures our dogs have come to love so much!



Check out some of our joring videos here!

Office Hours, Boarding Pick up/Drop off Hours:
 Monday - Friday: 7AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM
 Saturday: 9AM-11AM & 3PM-5PM



8359 Batavia Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244


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