Spring 2020 has sprung!

March 11, 2020


It is spring time which means it’s time to plant the seeds to sow and grow!🌱🌿🌼


How are we growing?🌱


Our “New Years goal” this year was and is to continue growing in many ways! 


As a facility - 
- We are steadily working to complete our new building addition to the BBFARM property so that we can house additional fur-kiddos and better serve our fur-family. We are constantly learning and evolving to ensure every-buddy is happy, safe, and receiving the best care possible! 


- This past weekend we added a new AstroTurfed area for some “less muddy” play-time area on those yucky rainy days!🌨☔️ This will also serve as a place for “exit bath kiddos” to play to ensure they stay nice and clean after their exit baths! 🛀🏽 🌱🌿🌼


As a pack ((and as individuals in our pack)) - 
- When we check in with our personal selves (our personal minds, bodies, and spirits), we are better able to fully engage and contribute to our pack. We work best when we are all centered and aligned with one another.


- At Buddy Boarding Farm - we believe a healthy mind, body, and spirit is a happy mind, body, and spirit! When we are healthy and happy - we can be the calm assertive pack leaders the pups want and need!🧘🏻


- To be the best pack leaders that we can be - we wanted to do something that would ignite and energize us all as a whole - as a pack!👯‍♂️


- We met a very special person that could assist us with this goal — an AMAZING yoga instructor and friend named Codi! She has been teaching us to tune in to our bodies and minds so that we can all tune in with one another.🌈☀️🧘🏻

The Buddy Boarding pack has been (and will continue) holding yoga sessions so that we can continue growing and aligning with one another! 🧘🏻💞



HEY BUDDIES—>>as a heads up—>> If you, your friends, or even your business would like to add a little Codi in to your life - get in touch with her!🧘🏻♥️She is an amazing yoga instructor that works with your schedule, listens and is attentive to your needs, and (best of all!!!) she comes to YOU!!! ☮️

Learn more at: Codilife.com


Namaste buddies!!🙏🏼

Cheers to a happy, healthy, growth-filled Spring-time!!🤸🏻☀️🌈🌼

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Spring 2020 has sprung!

March 11, 2020

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