Barn home!

April 27, 2016

Hey Buddies!

          We are so excited to continue to expand and grow Buddy Boarding!  We have been working on so many projects and are eager to share our progress with you!  For the time being, our guests have been staying in our home, which has been extremely rewarding and fun, nonetheless, we have been working to finish our 1,500 square foot barn home so that we can provide a safe area for the kiddos to take periodic rests and to sleep.  There are six 10 foot by 10 foot resting areas where your pup will be able to take breaks, eat, and sleep safely and comfortably.  This will not affect your dog’s playtime, as we will continue to romp and play outside all day with the fur kids.  We just feel it is necessary for safety purposes to separate the dogs when they eat, sleep, and take breaks so they get a little alone time to rejuvenate and restore balance.    
          Now, we encourage you to bring all of your dogs toys, treats, bones, bedding, and blankets as they will be able to enjoy it peacefully in the privacy of their own comfortable den at bedtime and during feeding time.  Our barn home resides in the back of our property, making it safer than ever for your fur kids!  Guests will be able to come and go as they please, while the fur kids have their own private play area and home all to themselves!  No cars are allowed to drive through the new doggy zone. Our barn home is temperature controlled, secure, and well guarded. 

            Another neat feature to the barn home is that we’ve made a loft overtop the kennels and made it in to a human home; fully furnished with carpet, a large flat screen TV, a couch, and a refrigerator so that we can spend as much time with the fur kids as possible.  Our barn home is very comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing.  Each resting area is fully equipped with a gigantic water bowl, temperature control, and an elevated bed.  Again, we encourage you to bring bedding, blankets, toys, bones, etc.  Your kiddo will have his or her own suite in our barn home! 
            Days at the farm will still continue as normal.  The doggies will get up in the morning, play with their friends, participate in activities, and have a blast (as usual!!)—Nonetheless, we do not want the dogs to overexert themselves; therefore, the kiddos will take periodic breaks in their resting dens every 2-5 hours or so depending on the weather and the abilities of the doggy.  This will alleviate any injury to your fur kid, as many are not physically capable of transitioning to a farm dog in a day!   They absolutely need some time to themselves to rest and take breaks from the constant physical activity. 

           We know the kiddos are going to love hanging, playing, romping and rolling about in the serene setting of the farm.  

Stay tuned for more projects to come! :) Hope you have a lovely Spring!
Thanks!! :)



**Note: Owners live on-site of property.**


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