Basic Puppy Training Game!

January 9, 2015

Hey Buddies!!

So, we've had lots of buddy's asking about puppy we'd like to share a fun game that we picked up from Professional Dog Trainer, Susan Garrett. 


This game is AWESOME for teaching youngsters "impulse control". It is called: "Its Yer Choice" created by dog trainer Susan Garrett.  Here is a link to show you how the game is played:


"Its Yer Choice" is a fun little game to play to get your pup to make good decisions - all on their own!  The video explains it all, however, to put it simply: You just put a few treats in your hand and close your hand, leaving a little room for your pup to smell the treats so that he understands they are there. 


He may scratch/bite/nip at your hand at a first - however, he will quickly realize that the way to get your hand to open (and thus receive a reward) is by making "the right choice" - or rather, sit or lay down patiently and wait for the treat. 

NOTE: If he scratches at your hand, barks, or does anything that you do not wish for him to do - simply close your hand so that he realizes that the only way he can get your hand to open, is by waiting patiently.  


Once he is sitting patiently, you can reward him with a treat.  (Side tip: make sure you do not pull your hand away in an attempt to correct (he will think you are playing with him, and continue to "play" with your hand) - simply leave your hand in a stable position - either on the floor or on your knee for support - and if he needs a correction, just close your hand).  


If you'd like us to work with your pup, just let us know - as it will help tremendously when he gets older with tricks such as "Leave it", "Drop it", and not eating...well...everything! haha!


Have fun playing! :) Let us know if you have any questions or need anything at all.

Thanks buddies! Have fun and give lots of hugs to your little buddies!! :)



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