Meet the Pack!

Pack Member -

Nick Crotinger!

Owner and co-founder of Buddy Boarding, LLC., Nick is inspired by his love for dogs and getting big air! Nick has always been an extreme sportist ranging in activities from motocross to snowboarding. With a plethora of knowledge under his belt from receiving a Dog Obedience and Training Certificate and recently receiving an Associates Degree is Business Management, Nick is an experienced pack leader ready to show your dog how to have a rockin' time!

Pack Member -


Ball-lover and best friend, Enon is a happy-go-lucky guy that loves to run, jump and play!

Enon is not only a PRO at Board-Joring - he is also an outstanding socializer! 

That is, Enon shows dogs the proper way to meet, greet, play, and run with the dogs!  Enon finds pride in his work and loves to help other dogs find pride in theirs! 


Pack Member -

Carly Jo Mellencamp!

Owner and co-founder of Buddy Boarding, LLC., Carly has a passion for pets! Not only was her first word 'dog', she has recently extended her knowledge by receiving a Dog Obedience and Training Certificate. Carly also graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Arts Degree in Communications and Public Relations.  With a heart of gold, Carly will give your dog unconditional love and treat them as if they were her own!

Pack Member -


Treat-lover and trustworthy sidekick, Melvin has been on many Buddy Boarding adventures to help dogs that need a positive role model for good leash walking etiquette.  Melvin is a rescue dog, so he knows all about the importance of helping other dogs find balance, joy, and harmony in their life.  

Melvin has assisted many fearful, anxious, and nervous dogs.  He teaches them how to simply enjoy life and shows them that they can trust our confident, compassionate, caring pack.

If your dog is experiencing any anxieties, issues, or fears, feel free to ask for Melvin to accompany your dogs next adventure!


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