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How do I create an online client account?

Click on Member Login in the top right hand corner of  Once you are redirected to our account website, click on: "Click here to register".  


What is the online client account?

Once you create a client account, you'll be able to enter all of your pets vet information, reserve visits, cancel visits, include house care, pet care needs, emergency contact information, add payment options, and more.  

What are your reservation policies?

We prefer you reserve your visits at least two days in advance.  There are no fees for cancellations or last minute appointments.  We cannot guarantee we will be available for appointments not scheduled two days in advance.

Is Buddy Boarding, LLC. fully licensed and insured?

Yes.  Buddy Boarding will provide documents upon request.


I just need someone to come and let my dog out and feed my cat during the day—do you provide pet sitting services?

Yes!  If you are not interested in a fitness regime for your pet(s), we are more than happy to let your dog(s) out and anything else you may require while busy.  Please view the “Pet Sitting” services on the Buddy Boarding website.


How do I reserve a visit?

Online Scheduling: Click on Member Login in the top right hand corner of  Log in to your account (if you do not have an account, create one by clicking on Click Here to Register).  Once you are logged in, click: Schedule new appointment. To learn more about the services we offer, click on Services & Prices in the menu bar.

Telephone Scheduling: Simply give us a call at: 513.384.5739 to schedule your appointment.


What temperatures do you deem safe for walking?

Sometimes it depends on the dog.  For example, some pups have very thick coats and need shorter walking visits during warm summer visits.  Nonetheless, we will not walk dogs outdoors for longer than 5-10 minutes when its above 95 degrees or below 15 degrees for safety purposes.  We will still come over and let your buddy out for a potty break if requested.


Do you walk dogs in the rain?

If it is thundering and lightning, we will not walk the dogs outdoors for safety purposes.  If it is lightly raining, we will bring an umbrella and walk your dog, however joring sessions will be cancelled due to slick pavement.  You will not be charged for visits cancelled due to weather.  We will still come over and let your buddy out for a potty break if requested.


Where does Buddy Boarding longboard with my dog?

​After the initial consultation, we will map out a safe skate area for the handler and your doggy.  If there is not a safe skate location in walking distance from your home, we will take your doggy to the nearest park. 





Don't see an answer to your question?  

Drop us a line on our contact page via the contact submission form,

email us at:

or give us a call: 513.384.5739. 

Office Hours, Boarding Pick up/Drop off Hours:
 Monday - Friday: 7AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM
 Saturday: 9AM-11AM & 3PM-5PM


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