Daycare Services

Going away for the day? Long day at work? Bring your dog to Buddy Boarding Farm for a fun-filled day of daycare! Your dog will have a blast running around with their buddies all day - and will be ready to cuddle with mom/dad when you pick up.


Daycare is offered Monday-Friday.
Drop off: 7AM-10AM
Pick up: 4PM-7PM

*Reservations are required for daycare. Space is limited.



Where are you located?
8359 Batavia Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244

How do I schedule your Daycare Services?

Please email or call to make a reservation. You may also schedule online by clicking on "Member login" at the top of this website. Create a client account and then reserve your dogs spot by selecting: Daycare. 

Do you give medication?
Yes. If your dog needs medication while staying at the Buddy Boarding Farm, a doggy specialist will administer medication as directed. 

When can I pick up/drop my dog off?
Monday - Friday:

Drop Off: 7AM-10AM

Pick up: 4PM-7PM
Daycare is only offered Monday-Friday

Will you pick up/drop off my dog for me?
No, taxi services cannot be provided for daycare services. 

Do you care for special needs dogs?
Yes. We love dogs of all sizes, shapes, and needs!


Will you feed my dog?

Yes, please feel free to bring food for your dog. 

Can I bring my dog over for daycare so she can get used to your facility when she stays for a longer-term boarding stay?

Yes! We recommend and encourage you to bring your dog over for daycare before your dog stays the night/boarding. This will definitely help your dog get used to our facility and will give them an opportunity to meet and become friends with our crew.

How do I schedule a temperament test?
Click "Member Login" at the top of this website.
Create a client account and then "Schedule a new appointment".
Select the date you'd like to complete the test. 
Click Next.
Select "Temperament Test" and then click the box next to the desired time block.
We'll confirm the appointment for you and send a confirmation.
Call or Text: 513.384.5739


What is a temperament test?
A temperament test is a test to ensure your dog gets along with other dogs, is friendly towards our human pack leaders, and is not a flight risk (i.e. actively seeking to escape the fence).  

You will drop your dog off for a few hours and your dog will participate in group play sessions so that our team members can test your pup.  If you have not filled out necessary paperwork before the day of the test, you can do so at Buddy Boarding Farm.
*Buddy Boarding reserves all rights to deny any dog for aggressive, distructive, and any unsafe behavior.  

What day and time can I drop my dog off and pick him back up for a temperament test?

Monday - Friday Drop off: 12PM + 1PM  Pick up: 4PM-7PM
Saturday - Drop off: 12PM + 1PM  Pick up: 3PM-5PM

*Space is limited for temperament testing. Only two per day.
*Temperament tests are BY-APPOINTMENT-ONLY!*

No Temperament Tests held on Sundays or Major Holidays.

Don't see an answer to your question?
Let us know!
Email us today:
Call us today: 513.384.5739


Where do I sign up?

Follow these simple steps to reserve a spot at Buddy Boarding Farm!



Per Day

+$20 for 2nd dog

+$10 for 3rd dog

Step 1: Schedule your temperament test 

         Online: Create client account online.                                       Reserve drop off time and date.


         Phone: 513.384.5739

Step 2: Fill out necessary paperwork

Step 3: Bring your dog(s), proof of                                vacinations, and paperwork to

               scheduled temperament test.
(You will be notified after the test if you                  dog passes or does not pass.)


Step 4: Make your reservation

          Online: Create client account.  

                        Reserve drop off time and dates.




         Phone: 513.384.5739



Holiday Pricing:

Additional 25% surcharge on major Holidays for all services.

No discounts or coupons can be applied during holiday stays.

Buddy Boarding is CLOSED to the public on major holidays.

No drop off/pick ups at BB Farm, No Temperament Tests, and No Taxi Services provided on major holidays.
Applies to:

1. New Years Day

2. Easter

3. Memorial Day

4. Independence Day

5. Labor Day

6. Thanksgiving Day

7. Christmas Eve

8. Christmas Day

9. New Years Eve


*Invoices must be paid within 30 days of appointment start date to avoid late fees.
*Accounts not paid within 30 days are subject to a 10% monthly finance charge.

Pick up/Drop off Hours:
 Monday - Friday: 7AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM
 Saturday: 9AM-11AM & 3PM-5PM

 Sunday: 3PM-5PM


8359 Batavia Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244


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